Fun and Educational Gun Safety & Self-Defense Home Presentations.
S.I.R.T. Training Pistol
The SIRT training device  is a training device, not a functional operating pistol.  It is modeled to resemble a real semi-auto pistol. It looks and feels a lot like the Glock 17. It has a detachable magazine with mag release that is properly weighted. For trigger control and trigger training this is an ideal tool. The SIRT simulates live fire with a laser for shot training, and firearm movement during trigger pull with another laser for trigger control. The trigger resets each time, thus the Initials that make up the name, Simulated Indicating Resetting Trigger.

When you take up the slack in the trigger the SIRT gives you a red laser, that turns to a target indicator laser when the trigger breaks (fires), allowing you to see how your aim is affected when you pull the trigger and where your bullet would have hit. The trigger resets, so you can practice staying on target and double tapping. The mechanics are the same as a chambered semi-auto pistol, so you can practice your handgun manipulation, reloading and aim at home.

The SIRT training gun is:

  • A practical way to practice your draw.
  • Great for practicing firearm handling
  • Practicing magazine swaps
  • Practicing Re-holstering
  • Improving Aim
  • Affordable
  • Saves ammo
  • Saves money on range fees
  • Creates muscle memory
  • Builds confidence

For creating muscle memory and subliminal response training there is not better way to practice then at home with the SIRT gun. The SIRT is an economical way to practice your fundamentals, save time, create muscle memory, and save a fortune on ammo!

SIRT Training Pistol
SIRT AR-15 Training Bolt
G&L Firearms Training and SIRT
Guns and Lace training integrates the SIRT training pistol and SIRT rifle bolt into both in-home firearm education and training at the range pistol and rifle classes.  Guns and Lace NRA certified instructors know that the best way to train is to train often. The SIRT gun enables students to safely practice their draw, firearms handling and shooting techniques in their own home and dry fire practice at the range.
The Benefit of SIRT
The SIRT pistol and SIRT AR-15 bolt, coupled with the Guns and Lace Training system provide highly efficient self defense training, muscle memory and affordability that takes firearm training to the next level.
SIRT Training Pistol Kit
The SIRT simulates the size, weight and functional features of the Glock™ 17/22 pistol.

Each SIRT Training Pistol Kit contains the following:

    1 SIRT Training Pistol
    1 Training Magazine
    1 Owners Manual
    Trigger Adjustment Tool
    Laser Windage and
    Elevation Adjustment Tool