Fun and Educational Gun Safety & Self-Defense Home Presentations.
Firearm Safety Range Classes
The perfect follow up to your in-home firearms handling and safety class. Range training, that includes simulated dry fire using state of the art, SIRT Laser training guns, firearm safety, stance, grip, aim and live fire.  High student to teacher ratio with NRA certified instructors. Classes will include the use of our training handguns and/or rifles.
Women's Basic Concealed Handgun
Women's Basic Concealed Handgun class is a 6.5 hour class designed to teach you how to safely handle and operate a hand-gun for self-defense, how to choose a concealed handgun and holster options for women. Learn how to safely load and unload a firearm, stance, grip, personal defense, and how not to be a victim. We train using SIRT pistol and provide handguns for live firing at the range, all in a fun and supportive environment.

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Women's AR-15
This course is a 2-hours long. This is an entry level AR-15 class for the woman shooter with minimal or no formal training to learn firearm basics, gun-handling skills and AR-15 safety at the range. Students learn safe gun handling; rifle parts and operation; ammunition; Shoot to Live fundamentals and continued opportunities for skill development.

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Kimberly S. - Basic Concealed Handgun
5 out of 5 stars for the Guns and Lace class! I hadn't fired a gun in many years and felt uncomfortable doing so without a little bit of professional education under my belt. So after watching 23 hours of Patrick Kilcherman of Concealed Carry University, I decided to take the class so I could feel confident in handling guns safely and get some "hands on" training. I highly recommend this class to any lady planning to fire a handgun. The wealth of information Jessica shared in the relaxed classroom atmosphere she provided was invaluable. She was thorough and patient in answering all questions. I couldn't have hoped for a more knowledgeable trainer who right from the get-go made me feel confident. I left her classroom and range time feeling totally confident about my abilities. Thumbs up!
Laura K. - Basic Concealed Handgun
Love this place! Jessica Merlino is an awesome, patient instructor and made me feel very comfortable with a firearm. I did a one-on-one consult with her, followed by ladies night, and then her Guns & Lace class. A couple days ago, I was in conversation with a family member about my recent time at the range. He brought out 3 different firearms for me to hold and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were in my more anxiety thanks to Jessica. Love this place and will be back many times to come. Thank you Jessica
Marie M. - Basic Concealed Handgun
I am very impressed with the beginner class for women, guns and lace, the advanced classes offered.
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