Fun and Educational Gun Safety & Self-Defense Home Presentations.
Firearm Safety Range Classes
The perfect follow up to your in-home firearms handling and safety class. Range training, that includes simulated dry fire using state of the art, SIRT Laser training guns, firearm safety, stance, grip, aim and live fire.  High student to teacher ratio with NRA certified instructors. Classes will include the use of our training handguns and/or rifles.
Women's Basic Concealed Handgun
Women's Basic Concealed Handgun class is a 6.5 hour class designed to teach you how to safely handle and operate a hand-gun for self-defense, how to choose a concealed handgun and holster options for women. Learn how to safely load and unload a firearm, stance, grip, personal defense, and how not to be a victim. We train using SIRT pistol and provide handguns for live firing at the range, all in a fun and supportive environment.

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Women's AR-15
This course is a 2-hours long. This is an entry level AR-15 class for the woman shooter with minimal or no formal training to learn firearm basics, gun-handling skills and AR-15 safety at the range. Students learn safe gun handling; rifle parts and operation; ammunition; Shoot to Live fundamentals and continued opportunities for skill development.

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Kylee S. - Basic Concealed Handgun
Last weekend I attended the Guns and Lace class instructed by Jessica. It was AMAZING. I highly recommend attending the class to learn about everything from the "lingo" to actually shooting a variety of different firearms. Thank you Jessica!
Jodi - Women's Handgun
I enjoyed all the learning material and shooting. I gained so much confidence by the hands-on experience. Thank you!
Karen H. - Basic Concealed Handgun
I recently took the Guns and Lace Basic Concealed Handgun class. I had such a great time!! The atmosphere of the class was one where I was completely comfortable asking questions. Jessica was very welcoming and reassuring. She is very well versed in safety and has a passion for educating beginners as well as people who have experience handling firearms. One thing I really liked was how she used specific language to reinforce positive views of firearms, helping to do away with (or at least, not support) the negative connotations that they can sometimes have.

I have heard many others say that they couldn't imagine carrying a firearm in their bra. One of the things we were able to do, since this was an all female class, was try on all the different types of holsters; including the FlashBang bra holster. I was shocked at how comfortable it was, even while sitting. It was great that we were able to try them on because I think under ordinary circumstances many of us may not have even given them a second thought.

We actually ran over because we were asking lots of question and having some really good conversations, in addition to having range time to practice some of the things we learned. This also gave us an opportunity to use different calibers (and sizes) of firearms so we could determine what might be best for us individually. By the time I left the class, not only did I have tons of fun, I felt more comfortable handling my own firearm. As a matter of fact, the day after taking the class, I was comfortable enough to go to the range by myself, for the first time.

I highly recommend this class! Not only is this class for the beginner but even for someone who might be more experienced and would like a refresher.
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