Fun and Educational Gun Safety & Self-Defense Home Presentations.
FREE In-Home Training
Your home is where your family and loved ones are. It is your castle, your security and your shelter.  What better place to learn about keeping your family and yourself safe, and how to safely handle a firearm then at home with your friends using a simulated SIRT firearm?  It works just like a real gun but is inoperable, shooting a laser light when you pull the trigger, offering a safe, yet similar feel to a real firearm. 

If you have had an interest in firearms but been nervous to visit a gun range or store, for fear of feeling foolish in a male dominated industry, this is a great first step. Learn from women, in your own home, basic self defense and firearm basics that will prepare you for future range classes should you choose to further your firearm experience.

  • You will learn about the Second Amendment
  • Why most women are easy prey
  • Three simple moves that could save your life
  • The four must obey firearm rules that will keep you safe
  • How to hold, aim, and safely handle a handgun (SIRT simulated handgun)
  • Why you should never give your life over to a thief, mugger or rapist
  • How to further your training and education on gun safety
Host a Party
  • Share with your friend's the importance of self-awareness & self confidence.
  • Enjoy an evening of learning self defense & gun basics in a safe environment.
  • Earn credits toward free classes and/or a SIRT Pistol.
What to Expect
You can expect to laugh, learn, and enjoy the company of your friends and our NRA certified women instructors. Each of whom has a story to share with you as to why they learned to shoot, the confidence it brought to them and how it has changed their lives.

Even if you don't ever learn to shoot, you will have fun, learn gun safety skills, and get to shoot a laser pistol.  (No real guns are allowed at in home parties.)  Safety, how to protect your self and your family, a fun night out!? What could make for a more pleasant evening than that!?