Fun and Educational Gun Safety & Self-Defense Home Presentations.
About Guns and Lace
Guns and Lace Training, LLC is dedicated to empowering women to learn to be proficient with a firearm through education and training.  A woman who is aware, practiced, and proficient with a firearm is much less likely to be a victim herself or have her family fall victim to a predator than an untrained woman. A woman who can defend herself is a confident woman. At Guns and Lace Training, LLC. we believe that a confident woman is a beautiful woman.  There is a little bit of Guns and Lace girl in every woman!
About Jessica
Founder of Guns and Lace, an online magazine featuring serious gun reviews and showcasing real women who shoot, Jessica has heard many stories of women being in frightening situations. Her own firearm skills were refined after having a stalker of her own and having to face the fact that her safety was in her own hands. Jessica knew with training and a firearm, a woman could shed that fear and be confident once again. With Guns and Lace Training, LLC. she hopes to share that empowerment with as many women as possible. Because we all know that a confident woman, is a beautiful woman!