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Basic Concealed Handgun Dec 18th, 2021 9am to 4:15pm at Skagit Shooting Range
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This combination class of both basic handgun and concealed carry is the perfect class for the beginner shooter looking to begin the process of conceal carry. The class covers safe gun handling, shooting fundamentals, proper mindset for carrying, and explores the use of deadly force. Instructors will discuss what to take into account when purchasing a handgun for personal protection, including size, caliber, price, etc. Conceal carry holsters and purses will be available for practice drawing with inert handguns.
  • Class runs from 9 am 4:15 pm. Lunch is not provided. There will be a 45 minute break for lunch. Feel free to bring note taking materials, snacks, or beverages. Firearms are provided by the instructor; please do not bring your own. An ammo package will need to be purchased from the range, the morning of the class for $21.28.
  • Bring a light jacket and wear a high neck shirt as well as closed toed shoes for the class.
Class is held at Skagit Shooting Range at 1340 Bouslog Rd, Burlington, WA